Vicno Source has launched Laboratory Management System with various important and unique features. With more then 15+ reporting systems. 500+ test with default values.

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As Vinco Source is expading its wings rapidly we had technological tie-up with one of the leading professional IT Consultants in USA.

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Vinco Source Provide a different type of Animation As per user Requirement. Animation refers to the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.

Flash animation

As the web evolved so arose the need for rich internet applications (RIA) which were interactive and engaged the users. Flash has since then become a household name in the field of web animation and RIA's. From simple ad banners to high end interactive flash websites, Felix Labs has the expertise to provide you with flash animations with breath taking effects and interactive applications made to your requirements. Our products include banner ads, flash presentations, websites, forms, online games, multipurpose calculators and many more. At vinco source we will make sure that any application becomes a powerful and attractive tool to keep your visitors in awe.

How Can Flash Improve Your Website?

Using flash design or bespoke flash applets can greatly improve the interactivity and appearance of your site. Below are a few examples of ways in which flash can be used to improve your site:

  • Flash Media Galleries: Great to show off photos and film. Can be updated via web login.
  • Flash Slide Shows.
  • Flash Music Players: Bespoke mp3 playback devices, XML or CMS driven.
  • Updatable flash Websites: Full flash websites with rich interactive content.
  • Flash Banner Ads: And flash intro animations for websites.


Vinco source is Web Application Development Company from India offering web design and development services using Microsoft's Engaging and interactive technology known as Silverlight. We have a team of experienced Silverlight Developers who have extraordinary and in-depth knowledge of Complex Silverlight technology. For developing high quality and interactive Silverlight application our Silverlight Developer team uses .Net Framework and its technology like Visual basic, Asp .Net, C#, Ruby and Python.

Silverlight Development allows creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites which are very similar to desktop applications in terms of processing speed and load time. Using Silverlight, real time update is possible without refreshing the page completely. Silverlight completely demolishes the gap between the traditional windows based applications and the browser based web applications.

Benefit Using Silverlight Development

  • Design to deliver next generation Rich Internet Application using Asp .Net.
  • Silverlight Application running smoothly on all Operating System including mobile devices.
  • Deliver engaging user experience almost all browsers.
  • Easily Integrate and migrate with existing Asp.Net web Application.
  • Speedy deliver of high quality audio, video, animation and graphics.
  • Silverlight supports LINQ and LINQ-to-XML that easily accessible via RSS, JSON, REST and POX.
  • Speedy deliver of high quality audio, video, animation and graphics.
  • Wide range of supported third party codec.
  • Consistent and interactive user experience wherever it run.
  • Run client side application without refreshing whole page.