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.net migration

.NET Migration is a process of porting applications developed on ASP/VB to .NET framework vinco source is capable of providing higher-end .NET Migration or porting services to clients. Our company has extensive experience in implementing transition projects onto businesses in almost all industries. Our team has successfully mapped the business process requirements of all our clients onto .NET framework consistently.

Though .NET framework provides a very flexible environment for migration or porting from ASP and VB to the advanced version, it involves a number of technological issues for successful implementation. Our team of .NET professionals is well-placed to handle the porting procedures and difficulties.

VB to VC#.NET & VB.NET & VB.NET Migration Services | Visual Basic 6.0 to VC#.NET & VB.NET Application Migration

The release of Visual Basic .NET is the biggest evolution in the IT industry till now. The language has been redesigned to take benefit of the .NET Framework. By leveraging the features that the .NET Framework provides, Visual Basic supports language features such as code inheritance, visual forms inheritance, and multi-threading.

Vinco source offers .net migration services for upgrading your applications from Visual Basic to Visual Basic.NET. We have a series of assistance where we can migrate VB pages and applications to VC#.NET & VB.NET (Vb to VC#.NET & VB.NET migration) that range from a detailed evaluation and upgrade plan to a complete solution.

VB to VC#.NET & VB.NET application migration services:

Need Organizations that depend on applications designed in Visual Basic 6.0 are now facing the end of official support for this programming language. Also Visual Basic does not supports threading, exception handling mechanism is not that powerful, it does not have support for console based application, it does not support more than one version of dll.

Outsource VB to VC#.NET & VB.NET migration services: Key features

  • Upgrade Manager
  • C# Generation
  • Multi-Project Conversion
  • ADO to ADO.NET
  • Type inference
  • Error handling replacement
  • .NET Native Libraries instead of Visual Basic Compatibility Libraries
  • Visual Basic 6.0 constants and numeric literals to .NET enumerations
  • Code Refactoring
  • No-Maps

VB to VC#.NET & VB.NET migration services: Benefits

The migration of VB 6.0 to the ASP.NET provided several key benefits which include:

  • Support for web services
  • More rapid response time
  • Better change control to enhance the development process
  • More productive development environment.

ASP to

ASP to ASP.NET migration can unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your web-based applications. ASP.NET is a technology used to create dynamic web applications. It is a part of the .NET Framework. ASP.NET has a lot of similarities with ASP. However, pages developed using ASP face an upgradation to facilitate them to run on the .NET Framework and to fully exploit its benefits.

ASP to Migration Services: Need

ASP support only two scripting languages -- VBScript and JavaScript. Also software created using ASP.NET is much robust, scalable, reliable and secure when compared to the software developed using ASP. ASP to Application Migration: Key Features • Better Language Support • Event-Driven Programming • Improved Scalability • Improved Performance • Easier Configuration and Deployment • Easier Code Maintenance

ASP to ASP.NET Migration Solutions: Benefits

The .NET Platform and the ASP.NET development framework deliver a number of features which can benefit you:

  • New functionality
    • XML Web Services
    • Web Forms
  • Fully Integrated Debugging Support
    • Tracing
  • Cleaner Coding Model based on Code Behind concept
  • Improved Performance and Scalability
    • Compiled language support
    • Improved caching
  • Simpler Configuration and Faster Deployment
  • Intelligent Web Controls