Vicno Source has launched Laboratory Management System with various important and unique features. With more then 15+ reporting systems. 500+ test with default values.

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As Vinco Source is expading its wings rapidly we had technological tie-up with one of the leading professional IT Consultants in USA.

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share point

Business process automation and information sharing across different departments or branch offices plays a key role in smooth functioning or growth of any commercial organization. Microsoft Office SharePoint Development has helped to extend sharepoint server capabilities to meet the growing demand from organizations.

Vincosource has extensive experience with Microsoft Office SharePoint Development. Our company has helped organizations with applications providing automated workflows to track approval cycles, business dashboards showing performance as against goals syncing documents to Outlook and much more! Vincosource Solutions has development experience covering most of them.

  • SharePoint Portal for enterprise intranet/extranet sites and corporate internet sites.
  • SharePoint as Content Management,Document management,Records management,Web content         management.
  • SharePoint for Enterprise Search – Basic and Advanced.
  • SharePoint for Business Process using XML based electronic forms.
  • SharePoint for Business Intelligence capabilities.