Vicno Source has launched Laboratory Management System with various important and unique features. With more then 15+ reporting systems. 500+ test with default values.

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As Vinco Source is expading its wings rapidly we had technological tie-up with one of the leading professional IT Consultants in USA.

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We develop customized database needs to suit your requirements & budget.

     Putting together a database is not a process to be taken lightly. It needs to be designed properly to ensure that your data is accurately and consistently accessed and updated. Without a proper design, you will pay the price for your haste for the life of the database and its data.

     We offer database design services for all types of applications including wireless.

     Our Custom Database designs include :

  • Forms of All Types Password Entrances.
  • People DB's Real Estate DB's.
  • Image DB's Membership Databases.
  • Product DB's Admin Control Panels.
  • Inventory DB's File Upload & download.
  • Reminder DB"S Shopping Carts.
  • Medical record DB's Restaurant & Hotel DB'S.
  • Garment Business DB's Telecom DB's.

     we also provide support for database related solution like...

  • Store Procedure
  • SQL Query
  • Triggres
  • SQL Function

     on diffrent types of database like...

  • MsSql
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • SqlLite
  • Access